Keep your eye
on the ball

Get fast and accurate location data for basketball, association football and other sports. All powered through our machine learning and computer vision technology.

Optical tracking creates real-time data insights and predictive analytics. It's the future of performance and fan engagement.

Take your team to
the next level

Find out exactly what you need to improve and what’s working. Get performance data on every team and player.

Match it to video and import, find and share crucial analysis. And create reports before, during and after every game.

Break it down your way

Use tags and filters to see a player’s performance in a single game, a conference, or the full season.

Get targeted scouting reports

See who your most effective players are in specific offensive and defensive positions.​

Discover more with video

Synchronise Second Spectrum’s markings with your manual coding to create playlists and configurations throughout the season. 

Use your regular

No need for chips or making sure the ball is powered. Nothing extra to wear. Nothing needs to be charged.

Our tracking is fully autonomous. It recognises players by reading their shirt number and spotting other features about the player.

Dig beneath the

Gather new statistics. And transform your sport with new insights.

  • Shot probability​
  • Effective field goal percentage​
  • Ball placement in rim ​ Closeout type​
  • Contest level​
  • Pick and roll defences

Find specific

Feedback is the key to improving. See how quickly your players get off the mark, how well they pass and much more.

Get hundreds of metrics from our AI – all linked to specific footage – so your coaches and analysts can find and share crucial details.

Keep fans in the

How fast was the shot? How often is the team passing? Are they on target? Create interactive videos that show fans exactly what’s happening.

Through our Second Spectrum solution, we track and analyse data that the likes of the NBA, EPL and MLS use.

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Manage your sport

See everything about your competitions and stakeholders and streamline the process.

Perform to your best

Give your teams, coaches and players insights they can take onto the pitch.

Protect your integrity

Safeguard your sport from match-fixing and betting-related corruption.

Unlock the future of your sport

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