Change how the world sees sport

Discover how AI-powered live augmentation can engage fans and create unique new ad inventory.

Truly immersive viewing

Our computer vision tech and rich tracking data allows us to augment live broadcast video with
a limitless set of data and graphics, enabling truly immersive fan experiences.

Unlock new
ad inventory

Create new ways for sponsors to authentically
activate their brand within live broadcasts,
replays and social media highlights.

Sponsors can own key match events such
as goals scored, touchdowns, dunks and more
– or unique data points like shot power.

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CBS and Genius Win
Sports Emmy for

Fans want more control and greater levels of insight than ever. Discover how we combined rich live tracking data with sophisticated graphics to visualise expert commentator, Tony Romo’s, live analysis.

Customise your streams

Augmentation unlocks unlimited versions of the same broadcast so you can tailor for your audience – whether that’s sports bettors, fantasy sports players or younger fans.

  • Real-time insights and comparisons
  • Integrated betting odds and fantasy data
  • Dynamic pitch maps
  • Tracking data such as shot speeds
    and 3-pointer probabilities

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