Put integrity at
your core

Your relationships with fans relies on your competitions being fair and transparent. So we monitor bets 24/7, educate the industry, run audits, and keep you protected.

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Spot suspicious activity

Compare how odds move in real time, right across the world. Use our predictive algorithms to identify suspicious activity, within our Bet Monitoring System. And launch in-depth investigations, backed with our data and trends.

Educate players, referees and officials

Use our e-Learning Portal, or benefit from expert-lead integrity workshops, to make sure your rules and regulations are understood, as well as the risks and consequences of match-fixing.

Apply Performance Analysis to Integrity

Gain a deeper understand of the live performance statistics that impact integrity. Our 30+ years’ experience of performance analysis, helps you to complement effective investigations into individual players, officials, games or competitions.

Improving your investigations through

Education Services

Our full suite of learning and development resources help you tackle match-fixing and provoke understanding. 

Bet Monitoring

24/7 betting-related corruption support and monitoring of global betting markets. 

Intel & Investigations

Stay ahead by anticipating, identifying and preventing betting-related corruption for your sport.

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PGA Tour puts integrity first

See how the governing body rewrote its rules and turned to 24/7 bet monitoring to protect its tournaments from corruption.

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