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Discover how gamifying interactions with fans is helping rights holders build and monetise their audience.

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Play on a different level

Arm your league's coaches see performance from new angles. Track positioning, sprint speed, shot success and more. In real-time and deep analysis of historical stats.

Change how your fans view the game

Give broadcaster partners and fans more. Combine tracking data, visualisations, augmented reality and special effects graphics to bring games to life in a completely new way.

Attract and monetise fans

Use targeted and personal content to engage with your fans. Move them through the funnel until they’re ready to spend.

Transform your league

No matter your size or reach, you can optimise how you collect data and video, and create content more easily.

It all starts with capturing the best possible data, and using it to digitise how you run everything else. When you take control of data, you can start unlocking its value. 

Stream your own content

Don't be left behind by missing out on creating an on-demand product just for your league. Start recording, producing and streaming video without breaking the bank.

Fight against match-fixing

Betting-related corruption poses a major threat to the integrity of your sport. Monitor bets 24/7, educate players and officials, run audits, and get maximum protection for your sport.

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