Next-gen tech
for leagues

Revolutionise how fans experience
and how you run your league.


Solutions for sports leagues

Automated data
& video capture

Simplify your data and video
ecosystem with a single computer
vision system. Unlock unlimited
engagement opportunities.


 Transform games with rich
3D augmented overlays
to captivate fans and seamlessly
integrate sponsors.


Capture and activate valuable
fan data using engagement tools
trusted by FIFA, NFL,
World Rugby and 100s more. 



The era of intelligent sports is here

Leagues must evolve to compete and stay relevant. 

With access to faster, richer data than ever before, Genius helps leagues stay ahead with smarter tech and more engaging experiences.

Unlock boundless sports content

By combining tracking data with AI, our tech
captures, computes and digitally recreates
every moment.

Immerse your fans in data-driven experiences,
stats, instant stories and augmented streams.

Level-up your broadcast game

Create fully immersive fan experiences using augmentation across live broadcast, highlights
and replays.

Grow broadcast rights value and unlock new
ways to activate sponsors with in-stream
augmented sponsorable inventory.

Grow and monetise your audience

Our suite of custom-built, digital, gamified products help you build an ownable, monetisable, fan database, whilst unlocking new sponsorable activations. 

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Rugby World Cup

Learn how World Rugby attracted 457K+ fans with a custom-built fantasy game. 

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