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Activate your brand around sport. Attract, inspire and convert fans with personalised, authentic experiences. ​

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Engage new fans

As a brand you want to build authentic experiences around sport that fans will love.

Traditional ads just don't cut it anymore. Genius helps you create in-the-moment content that grabs attention and delivers conversions. 

Where can you activate your brand?

Social media

Be part of the conversation on all major social platforms. Think content, not ads, with dynamic creative at scale.

Around the web

Reach millions of fans with media buying that gets your brand in the right place at the right price.

On gameday

Tap into exclusive sponsorship inventory, launch your own fantasy game and much more.

Dynamic creative at scale

Easily create, automate, distribute and optimise data-driven marketing, at the speed and volume needed to capture attention.

By combining live and contextual sports data with deep audience insights, we make sure you hit the right fans with the right message.

The Genius difference

Design your creative

Drive results with beautifully designed creative. Improve engagement and action with hyper-relevant ads.

Bring it to life

Inspire immediate action to increase conversions using live sports data like score alerts, player stats and game countdowns via our DCO engine.  

Optimise every ad 

Harness AI and computer vision to analyse each element of your creative and its predicted impact on consumer attention. 

Run smarter campaigns

Unlock new audiences and cut CPAs. Our end-to-end media buying service covers programmatic, social and search. 

15 years’ experience of running campaigns for 150+ sports and gaming brands means we know how to optimise spend from day one. 

Data-driven media buying


We choose the right DSP for every campaign to provide customers with greater audience reach, scale, campaign insights and cost saving efficiencies. 

Automated pacing curve

Our automated pacing curve utilises data on the sporting calendar, live game data and fan behaviour to weight hourly budget calculations. 

Custom bidding models

Our proprietary algorithms leverage sports and audience data to drive inventory bidding at scale.  

Gamify your marketing

Capture first-party data with bespoke, branded free-to-play games. Fantasy, trivia, predictors or even your own idea from scratch - we have something to suit your brand and objectives.

Personalised videos for CRM

Create thousands – or even millions – of personalised videos in templated, highly automated way.

Plug-in your CRM data to create a truly meaningful connection with each fan.  ​

Tell stories with data

Synch campaign creative to what's happening on the pitch, or use it to build data-led branded content. Tell authentic stories and own your audience without relying on third-party platforms.

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