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Get sports fans spending. Win share of voice. And activate your brand around live games with dynamic, personalised fan marketing.

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Report: New rules, new tactics

Google's cookie phaseout is no secret - yet 60% of marketers are still to find an audience data strategy for the cookieless world.

Read our new report to discover how a zero-party data strategy will help your brand win over sports audiences in the cookieless world.

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Genius Marketing Suite

Your all-in-one fan engagement solution

As a brand you need authentic ways to engage sports audiences, whether you’re a sponsor or not. 

The Genius Marketing Suite helps you build better, longer-lasting connections at scale – while overcoming all of today’s fan engagement challenges.

Hit your marketing KPIs

Own the conversation

Dominate social feeds and stay top-of-mind with dynamic sports data-driven content and ads.

Grow your audience

Reach millions of fans and build an ownable first-party audience with targeted media buying and gamification.

Get fans spending

Drive purchase intent at major sports events. Include dynamic CTAs in your ads and leverage 1:1 personalisation.

Context is king

Use live sports data like scores, stats and game countdowns to bring your ads to life, across every channel and format. 

Automate creative production and deliver hyper-relevant, personalised content fans want to see - with dynamic messaging triggered by real-time data feeds.

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Genius Media Buying

Target fans without cookies

Tap-in to the world’s largest agency network of sports fans, segment new audiences and target them with automated ad tech.

With 15 years’ experience optimising ad spend, our sports-centric media buying service covers all programmatic channels, plus social and search.

Grow an ownable fan audience

Turn unknown fans into valuable customers by gamifying engagement. Capturing rich zero-party audience data and grow your CRM database as fans play. 

Build a bespoke gamification product to suit your brand and campaign goals, ranging from fantasy contests, trivia, predictor games, fan polls and more.

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Genius Data & Content

Build your own sports content

With our sports data API you can build a custom activation that’s powered by official live scores and stats, in real-time.

Plug our raw data feeds directly into your content for authentic storytelling – or choose from our ready-made range of interactive widgets.

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