Capture the excitement of every play

Connect with fans around the world.

Our GeniusLive solution makes it possible for every sport to create an official live streaming product.

Fully-automated streaming technology
 transforms how live video is captured, produced and distributed.

It’s time to showcase your sport to the world.

Benefits of GeniusLive

  • 1. Transform fan experience
  • 2. Automated & affordable
  • 3. Drive new revenues

Deliver new content

Provide fans with live streams and video-on-demand from every game.

Join the streaming revolution

Launch an OTT platform, combining your live data and video content.

Remove barriers to entry

Remove the restrictive costs of hardware, production and camera personnel.

Mobile production

Track, zoom and pan with every play through our AI-powered software.

Monetise new content

Launch a league or season pass product with an integrated pay gate and registration platform.

Attract new sponsors

Integrate live statistics, advertising banners and new sponsorship opportunities.

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Showcase your sport to the world.