Same game. Fresh perspectives.

Make video that fans can interact with. Video that’s personal to them. Video that shows more of the game. Video that creates itself.

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Reimagine how fans watch sports

Turn raw video and data into immersive experiences.

Use interactive applications and augmentation to help media, teams and fans visualise and personalise the game. And tell new and refreshing stories for the next generation of fans.

Give fans what they care about

People want to know more. How often are the players passing? Who had the most possession?

So track key data about the players, like their speeds and shot velocity. And use that to add graphics and live animations.

Keep viewers informed

Offer producers and presenters pointers based on pre-match data and analysis, helping them explain the subtle nuances of a coach’s strategy.

Power visualisations with data

Give your video that extra push. Visualise key moments and statistics in real time with animations and content specific to your viewers.

Tell the full story

Dig deeper into every sports story. Producers, editors and fans can create hundreds of stories in minutes through simple web interfaces or embeddable UIs.

Automatic highlights

Produce clips that keep pace with today’s fast-paced generation. Create instant content, complete with animations and graphics, across multiple channels. And personalise it for a local audience.

Trust in the same technology that companies like the NBA, ESPN, Turner, BT Sport, LA Clippers, and the EPL use to engage their fans.

Put sponsors in the action

Give sponsors a new way to grab fans' attention by putting their brand at the heart of the action – literally. Our tech enables branding assets to be virtually integrated into the viewing experiences.

And it can be automatically animated to respond to when a goal is scored, a player comes near or the ball hits a certain speed.

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