Beyond the lines of our business

Championing our values in support of a more sustainable tomorrow

Genius Sports is a collective of unique individuals with a common purpose.

We champion a sports data ecosystem that optimises, organises and enriches experiences for sports, media, betting organisations, and fans, across the globe.

We believe that innovation springs from talented people sharing common values, diverse ideas and a collective vision.

We value integrity, accountability, personal growth and development, and foster an environment of unconditional inclusion.  

Introducing Beyond the Lines

We have a long-standing history of actively engaging in community, social and environmental causes that champion these values.

Beyond the Lines organises those efforts into measurable responsible business targets and empowers us to amplify our collective impact.

Our Beyond The Lines pillars:

Action for the Planet

We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint and mitigating climate-related risk exposure to our business. 

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Putting People First

We take care of our team, aim to inspire positive change in our communities, and we continue to innovate and grow with our diverse and inclusive workforce.

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Leading a Mindful Business

We follow governance practices to ensure that our culture, decisions and actions, are underpinned by our values and aligned with our strategy.

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Our United Nations Sustainable
Development Goals

Genius has considered our business activities and material topics against the UN’s SDGs and indicators to identify the targets and indicators that we can most meaningfully contribute to, as well as those where we can focus our attention and make the most impact.   

Our Materiality Assessment

Our Materiality Assessment prioritises which environmental, social and governance objectives are the most important to Genius stakeholders