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Maximise performance levels with our suite of data-driven solutions for coaches, players and officials.

Decide faster.
Decide better.

Accurate metrics lead to better decisions, which means better results.

Give your coaches the tools to make highly informed, split-second decisions. All backed with data.

Analyse every play

Simplify how coaches find and share video of every play. And help them analyse and prepare for every match.

Find, import, and share footage from any game in a matter of seconds, using machine-learned video indexing.

Stay ahead of
the stats

Break down every play with customised reports and metrics.

Equip your coaches with these reports to help them make decisions before, during and after every game.

Up player

Boost your players’ performance by analysing their play in depth, both on and off-the-ball actions.

Dig into specific metrics, like off-ball screens, expected goals, defensive schemes, shot quality, contest level and more.

Dig deep into a
single game

Break down a single game in detail. Create opponent scouts, find offensive and defensive play calls, tag team specific metrics and more.

Just import your XML files from any video platforms and GPS providers. Tag the videos yourself or let our AI do it for you. And create playlists from your tagged actions or clips.

Get a bird’s eye

If you want to analyse multiple games, you can. Get team and individual rankings tables.

You can filter each table to see the data you want and find the links to the playlist that matters. Then, get team and post-match reports and automatically visualise the data.

Give your team
the edge

Spot any weaknesses in your oppositions’ defence.

Use our live, in-game dashboard to see exactly how both teams are performing, down to the individual players. Compare totals and averages against similar games.

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Make the most of your data

Collect, manage and analyse. Whether that’s tracking a player’s game or syncing with scoreboards.

Manage your sport

See everything about your competitions and stakeholders and streamline the process.

Protect your integrity

Safeguard your sport from match-fixing and betting-related corruption.

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