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Across four continents, we work with soccer leagues to modernise and streamline operations and create new ways to grow their fanbase.

Soccer LiveStats

Capture every goal, shot, card, throw-in and more. Take control of your data across every play, creating a valuable commercial asset for you, your fans, partners and future.

New, deeper data

Capture the most advanced soccer statistics including pass success probabilities, player speeds and distances.

Trusted by the English Premier League and Major League Soccer, our optical tracking technology will put you at the cutting-edge of sports data.

GeniusLive+ for

Showcase your sport to the world with our end-to-end video production, live streaming and distribution solution. Deliver TV-quality broadcasts to drive engagement and grow your global audience.

Manage your sport smarter

Simplify how you manage key day-to-day tasks such as fixture and squad generation, allocating referees and producing official reports.

Genius Sports – Official Sports Data, Technology and Feeds

Singapore FA's data
takes off

The league created a forward-thinking digital engagement strategy with live data at its heart, while simultaneously getting rid of previously time-consuming and manual tasks.

Trusted by the world of soccer

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