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Whether you’re looking for easy-to-consume API feeds or stats-driven digital media, we’ve got the tools to tell great sports stories.

100% official, 100% coverage

Be an authentic part of the Super Bowl, March Madness and more with the fastest, most reliable data supply.

Fuel your content with live and historical NFL and NCAA feeds, including NFL NextGen Stats and optical tracking data – plus coverage of key international sports.

Great sports data at your fingertips


A single integration delivers 1000s of data points direct to your fingertips with 100% accuracy, with no manual resource required.


We’re the only authorised party for premium API data on 1000s of major sports fixtures, including metrics like fastest ball carriers and time to throw.

Single source of truth

Our API feeds are used as the NFL and NCAA’s official league records – with every data point verified in real-time.

Limitless NFL storytelling

We offer a feed of NFL player tracking data and real-time ball location for every game.

What will you create with it?

Stats brought to life

Easy-to-integrate digital media content for your site, app or wherever your fans may be.

NextGen Stats Widgets

An advanced suite of embeddable content including player speed, rushing yards and more, powered by the official NFL NextGen Stats feed.


Live game centres including visualisations, ball location and scoreboards alongside live team and player stats, play-by-play updates, rosters and more.

Available on the NFL, NCAA, FIBA and all major soccer.

Win Probability Widgets

Pre and live-game content that harnesses official data and predictive AI to calculate the percentage chance of each result.

Score Predictor Widgets

Pre and live-game content that harnesses official data and predictive AI to predict the final score of each fixture.

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