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Gamification and free-to-play solutions to collect sports fan data in a non-intrusive way.

Capture data as
fans play

Gamification is a highly effective way to capture valuable behavioural and demographic insights.

If you’re a team, league, brand or sportsbook, you can use this data to run personalised advertising to fans and monetise your database with commercial partners. 

Engage and
convert faster

Whatever your goals – acquisition, conversion or product stickiness – we have the solution for you.

Choose from simple games that get you live quickly, or a made-to-measure gamification strategy. There’s something to suit all objectives and budgets.

Why gamification?

Audience data

Win and retain more users, collect more qualified first-party data and generate meaningful insights.

IP creation

Create new IP through owned and operated digital assets that attract sponsorship, ad revenue and premium payments.

Lead generation

Build and capture demand for your products. Or generate high value leads for commercial partners.

Brand advocacy

Leverage the network effect. Generate advocacy and get sports fans coming back again and again.

How they work

Ever-increasing privacy rules mean you need new ways to identify and stay connected with fans.

Today’s tech savvy fans will gladly share their data… if you make it worth it.

Why Genius Games?

Easy integration
We’re experts at seamlessly integrating custom tech into your digital ecosystems.
Premium design

All our games are beautifully
designed in line with our partner’s brand styling.

Embeddable features
Add rewards, prizes and more to your game experience.

A taster of what's available


Jersey Mike's sets

Discover how a tailored trivia game helped the Sandwich chain achieve its best-ever results on a marketing campaign.

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