Genius has a history of active engagement in
numerous charitable causes and grass roots

In creating the Beyond the Lines programme, we wanted to increase our collective output by focusing on targeted initiatives that matter the most to us, and align with our values and vision.

How did we do it ?

We undertook a comprehensive Materiality Assessment in 2021 to prioritise which environmental, social and governance objectives were most important to Genius stakeholders.

The topics were chosen using a 30-point benchmark against competitors, leagues, target customers/target partners, investor expectations and customers.

We sought the views of our employees, investors, partners, sports leagues, directors, leadership team and suppliers from around the world through surveys and comprehensive interviews.

Each stakeholder was asked to rank the objectives that mattered most to them, and to rank which objectives they believed were most important for our business.

The cross-section of these two answers identified our key objectives for the 2022-2025 Beyond the Lines programme.

These key objectives were then considered by our Board of Directors, led by our Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee, and aligned into three pillars in accordance with the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals.

The result is an organised framework for engaging in environmental, social and governance initiatives and measuring our progress against defined objectives.

Explore our three Beyond the Lines pillars below.

Action for the Planet
We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint and mitigating climate-related risk exposure to our business.
Putting People First
We take care of our team, aim to inspire positive change in our communities, and we continue to innovate and grow with our diverse and inclusive workforce.
Genius Games
We follow governance practices to ensure that our culture, decisions and actions, are underpinned by our values and aligned with our strategy.

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