Pillar #3 Mindful Business - Genius Sports – Official Sports Data, Technology and Feeds

Leading a

We leave no stone unturned to ensure that our culture,
decisions and actions, are underpinned by our values and
aligned with our strategy
Our Leading a Mindful Business pillar
encompasses the foundations, structures and
design of our decision-making process and
engagement with stakeholders.
We believe our business practices, procedures
and reporting should ensure that:
  1. Our leadership is attuned to the
    interests of our stakeholders and
    structured to achieve our long-term
  2. Our decisions are underpinned by ethics,
    accountability and compliance with laws.
  3. Our actions are aligned with our
    strategy, values and purpose.
  4. Our processes manage risk, utilise
    proper controls and oversight, and invite
    diverse opinions and viewpoints.

This pillar focuses on implementing and
abiding by processes and procedures which
achieve these key objectives.

Governance is an ongoing journey which we
continue to take while being mindful of where
we are as a business and where we are going.

Our Leading a Mindful Business pillar exists
to guide this journey.

Board &

During the 2021 year, the Board of Directors
of Genius Sports Limited (“Genius”) held 21
regularly scheduled meetings between the
period of 21 April 2021 – 31 December 2021.
Additionally, all members attended a strategy
session led by the Chief Executive Officer and
received presentations from key members of

The directors held executive sessions after many of the scheduled Board meetings. Prior to the meetings, papers were circulated electronically to provide the directors ample time to prepare.

Our Beyond The Lines pillars:

Action for the Planet
We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint and mitigating climate-related risk exposure to our business.
Putting People First
We take care of our team, aim to inspire positive change in our communities, and we continue to innovate and grow with our diverse and inclusive workforce.
Genius Games
We follow governance practices to ensure that our culture, decisions and actions, are underpinned by our values and aligned with our strategy.