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Using our suite of Scorebots and ScoreDesigner together you can get more accurate data, create graphic overlays, host web scoreboards, and more. All your statistics available instantly in the cloud.

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Increase data accuracy

We help leagues, schools, conferences and teams automatically capture and distribute live scoreboard data to multiple applications.

Increase the accuracy and value of your official data feeds by verifying every point with the official game clock.

Sync your data

Use ScoreLink to verify every piece of data you have with the official game clock.

Passes. Goals. Fumbles. Whatever happened, make it easier to find and share those moments with your statisticians, using the official timestamps.

The ultimate scoring device

Operated independently from any network, ScoreLink+ means you’ll never miss a play again.

A one-stop-shop that helps you manage your real-time scoreboard data and offers instant diagnosis of any faults in your data integrations.

Simplify production

Focus on the match. Our suite of scorebots will automatically send the data in real-time to your video production.

Make your data accessible

Make your live scoreboard data instantly available in a variety of formats, like XML, JSON and more.

Power third-party tools

Connect ScoreLink and ScoreLink+ with external apps. For over a decade, our experts have helped users get what they need from their data. 

Keep score on any device

React to problems or set up a match instantly.

ScoreApp allows you to turn any web-connected device – your mobile, your laptop, your tablet – into a controller. And manually score the game, even if no board exists.


Scoreboard types


Unique data fields


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Visualise your data

ScoreDesigner is a collection of web-based applications and integrations that enable you to visualise your live scoreboard data.

Remotely deliver complete graphic overlays, website embedded scoreboards and replay systems featuring real-time scoreboard data from any location to drive fan engagement.

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