Maximise sportsbook profitability

Edge is a first-of-its-kind solution that automatically adjusts odds based on your real-time bet and liability data.

Made for profits. Not limits.

With the explosion of 24/7 betting content, Edge turns the odds in your favour on every fixture and market type. 

Dynamically updating odds based on bets and liabilities grows margins at scale. 

Why Edge?

Proven results

Edge is proven to increase margin upwards of 18% thanks to unique correlated liability-based odds.

Every fixture. Every bet.

Edge optimises odds across your entire sportsbook based on every bet and your liabilities in real time.

Ideal for accas

Struggling to manage exposure on accas and betbuilders? Edge automatically optimises pricing on each leg.

Correlated liability-driven odds

For the first time ever, Edge moves odds based on how your liabilities relate between market types.

You’ll unlock extra margins on correlated outcomes like Match Result, Correct Score and Anytime Goalscorer, regardless of the end result. 

More money where the margin is

Limits and player profiling don’t grow revenues. Edge does. 

Maximise profits on every single bet and market by connecting your pricing, liabilities and betting activity. 

Build the perfect sportsbook

Stream every moment

Add video to your sportsbook and give players a chance to discover something new.

Engage with fans

Learn about your players, segment them, show them personalised content and unlock more value.

More ways to manage

Outsource as much or as little as you want – and keep the rest of your sportsbook function in-house.

Give your sportsbook the Edge.

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