NFL sets new fan engagement standard

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The National Football League (NFL) is one of the largest organisations in world sport. In 2020, it began a competitive tender process to sub-license its official data for media companies and sportsbooks globally, alongside select video streaming rights.

From the outset, the NFL and Genius Sports devised a game-changing partnership that would go far beyond just data distribution. Instead, both parties would work closely together to power immersive and highly personalised fan experiences across the entire NFL ecosystem.


In April 2021, Genius Sports was selected as the NFL’s official partner. Ahead of the 2021 season, the initial focus was on broad distribution of the NFL’s official data feed to licensed sportsbooks.

This was immediately successful with over 97% of the US market using official data to power their NFL offerings, exclusively through Genius Sports, alongside dozens of other international bookmakers.

This partnership expanded to power official data-driven solutions for brands, broadcasters and NFL teams. Also in its first NFL season, Genius Sports began working with CBS on RomoVision, a tracking-powered replay tool that helps commentator Tony Romo break down key moments of NFL games.

Final Result

After just two seasons, this partnership is setting a new standard for fan engagement across the entire NFL ecosystem. RomoVision has won a Sports Emmy Award for outstanding technical innovation while sportsbook distribution has gone from strength to strength.

Through a suite of fantasy, pick ’em and trivia games, this partnership is also helping the NFL and its teams to build year-round engagement and gain a better understanding of each individual fan. Genius Sports has delivered bespoke games for the Rams, Colts and Broncos while helping to power the League’s free to play gamification strategy in key international markets.

Brands including Crown Royal, Nickelodeon and Captain Morgan are also using official NFL data to activate their campaigns and reach highly engaged audiences.

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