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The LA Clippers (Clippers) are one of the most innovative teams in the NBA both on and off the court.

In 2018, the Clippers pioneered the idea of bringing official tracking data and augmentations directly to fans, powering the first live, augmented sports broadcasts.


Through its Second Spectrum technology, Genius Sports delivered the Clippers CourtVision Beta, which let fans choose from different augmented feeds on live games.

Ahead of the 2022/23 season, the Clippers expanded this product by launching ClipperVision, which brings 70+ games directly to fans without a pay-TV subscription and includes six different stream options.

Final result

Genius Sports’ Second Spectrum technology is powering two of ClipperVision’s bespoke streaming options. The CourtVision powered by AWS mode provides fans with live performance insights including real-time shot probabilities and rich team and player statistics.

CourtVision Mascot Mode powered by AWS features real-time animations, graphics and special effects overlays, enabling the Clippers to deliver fully themed broadcasts to engage the next generation of NBA fans.

In its first season, ClipperVision won the NBA’s Team Innovation of the Year Award, which recognises the creation and execution of a unique idea with the potential to positively impact the business.

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