CBS and Genius win Sports Emmy for RomoVision

Team talk

Competition for NFL broadcast rights is fierce with each media partner looking for breakthroughs that can stand them out from the competition.

With star commentator Tony Romo renowned for delivering incredible levels of insight, CBS wanted to find a way to visualise his expertise for their live NFL broadcasts.

CBS needed a partner to:

  • Combine live Next Gen Stats data and live video
  • Educate and entertain NFL fans by breaking down complex plays
  • Create visualisations that would appeal to younger audiences


As the official data partner of the NFL, Genius Sports began working with CBS through its Second Spectrum technology during the 2021-22 season.

By combining live tracking data and video in less than four seconds, RomoVision was launched on first replays in November 2021.

RomoVision provides fans with:

  • Madden-style graphics that evolve like play diagrams alongside Tony Romo’s expert insights
  • Second-by-second breakdowns of player movements, quarterback passes and routes
  • A new form of storytelling that helps new or casual fans to better understand the NFL

Final result

After just a single season, RomoVision won the prestigious George Wensel Technical Achievement Award at the Sports Emmys, recognising outstanding innovations in sports production and broadcasting.

RomoVision is leading a new wave of broadcast innovations, delivering greater levels of customisation, insight and gamification which are all pivotal to attracting the next generation of sports fan.

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