Genius Sports at SportsPro APAC: The future of APAC fan experiences

By Mohamed Feizel | 27 Jul 2023

Next week, Singapore will host the SportsPro APAC summit, one of the prominent events in the global sports calendar. The summit aims to bridge the gap between the dynamic APAC sports sector and the rest of the world and I'm excited to attend and connect with various leagues, teams, agencies, and broadcasters.

The Genius Sports APAC team, including myself, will have a presence at the central networking area with our stand. Apart from catching up with everyone, we'll be showcasing how our services can assist sports, agencies, and broadcasters in engaging the modern fan and positioning APAC sports at the forefront of the global sports industry.

Powered by data

Genius Sports’ proposition to APAC sports has been transformed in the last two years, expanding to everything including next-generation tracking technology, augmented broadcasts, bespoke trivia and fantasy games and much more.

As ever at Genius, data is the oil that powers the entire engine including our exclusive partnerships with the English Premier League and NFL as well as dozens of basketball, football and volleyball leagues across APAC.

Many of these partnerships are centred on our play-by-play data solutions including FIBA and Football LiveStats which have equipped leagues with fast, accurate statistics to power live updates for fans. Through our Second Spectrum technology, we can now take our partners’ data ecosystems to the next level with optical tracking technology that automatically captures millions of new insights for fans, coaches, broadcasters and sponsors alike.

Visitors to our booth can see that our tracking technology is about much more than analytics and performance. It provides an incredible platform for innovation, including immersive broadcasts that seamlessly integrate insights such as shot probabilities and player speeds into the live action to engage younger audiences.

This is crucial for APAC to keep pace with the global sports industry with Deloitte’s excellent 2023 sports fan insights report finding that 46% of Gen Z fans expect real-time statistics to be a central part of their live broadcast or streaming experience.

Personalised fan experiences

APAC leagues and teams not only have to compete with each other for fans' attention but also with their European counterparts, who are constantly trying to expand into new markets.

Accelerated by the Covid pandemic, APAC sports are now investing in new platforms to reach wider audiences that are innovative and increase effectiveness as well as efficiency. Our new Genius Marketing Suite will also be on display at next week's event, providing leagues and teams at all levels of APAC sports with an all-in-one fan engagement engine.

From a sports-centric media buying service to dynamic adverts that can be posted automatically in real-time on all digital platforms, gamification solutions including fantasy, trivia, and predictor games, to data visualisations, we'll be showcasing the full capabilities of the Genius Marketing Suite. We’ll aim to showcase how we can help leagues and teams across the region most efficiently identify, engage, and retain the modern sports fan without the need for additional manpower resources.

Our fan engagement and tracking solutions are used by sports and brands globally, and visitors to our booth next week can check out our bespoke products.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!