Introducing the Genius Marketing Suite

Is there any established entertainment sector in the world changing quite as fast as sports? Be it broadcast coverage, performance analysis or digital content consumption, the way in which fans live and breathe the sports they love isn’t just evolving but quite literally transforming in front of our eyes.

At Genius, we’re fortunate to have been a part of this transformation. We’ve recently powered alternative broadcast streams for some of the biggest names in media and devised an entire gamification strategy for World Cup fans. And while disrupters such as Amazon, Apple and Google shake up the traditional sports business model, the ways of consuming sports content continue to fragment with social media and second screen experiences.

All of this change provides, in equal measure, both challenges and opportunities for brands hoping to engage and monetise sports fans. It is inevitable that advertisers, including leagues and teams themselves, must find new ways to connect with sports fans and build their digital resilience to stay competitive.

New ways to engage

This morning we announced the launch of the Genius Marketing Suite, to help marketers navigate the new digital reality and to engage sports audiences that demand more variety, customisation, and creativity than ever.

The Genius Marketing Suite is the ultimate fan marketing machine. It brings together our vast repository of sports data and content, media buying capabilities and dynamic creative solutions to enable real-time personalisation and contextual advertising at scale.


We believe that no matter your reason for advertising to fans, you can only succeed through meaningful connections. This requires authenticity, timeliness and to a large degree, personalisation. All three of those things are incredibly difficult to do at any kind of meaningful scale.

This is where Genius comes in.

Through of vast portfolio of sports data we can bring marketing campaigns to life with real-time data points, from game countdowns to live score updates and player performance stats. We can use the same source of data to automate how, when and where we buy digital ad inventory, so that our partners don’t waste a dollar when targeting fans online.

And audience data, accessed via our partnerships with sports and publishers worldwide, enables advertisers to target and segment millions of fans from day one of their campaign.

Plug this data into our content and creative tools and whether you’re a team selling tickets, a beverage brand selling your new drink product, or a sportsbook trying to acquire new players, you have at your disposal a powerful set of tools to achieve your goals.

Smarter fan marketing

Leveraging sport as a vehicle to get more eyeballs on your brand and product is no longer the preserve of major sponsors. Any brand can win share of voice online before, during and after a game takes place if they do it in a smart, contextual and dynamic way.

Ahead of Sunday’s Super Bowl, we’ve been powering live creative for drinks brands Crown Royal and Smirnoff, using engaging player and game stats from previous games to bring their adverts to life and drive sales. Last year we helped Jersey Mike’s attract fans into its funnel and convert them into monetisable customers through a Tailgate Trivia game, a series of 49 college football quizzes that test fans’ knowledge on individual NCAA schools.

With the Genius Marketing Suite, the opportunities are truly unlimited. We’re combining the tech and expertise we’ve acquired in recent years, in the shape of Spirable, FanHub and Second Spectrum, to build a uniquely powerful fan engagement engine. Sports entertainment might be changing fast, but we’re helping our partners stay one step ahead.