Wildz Casino cuts CPAs with programmatic ads

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Multi-territory operator Wildz Casino (Rootz Ltd) wanted to grow its brand across multiple iGaming markets.

It set out to acquire new players with a series of localised programmatic campaigns, headlined by new sign-up offers and bonuses.

Wildz Casino’s brief: 

  • Prospect new players and drive sign-ups and deposits at scale
  • Retarget new users who have shown intent but are yet to convert
  • Optimise ad budget to deliver the most efficient CPAs


After reviewing Wildz Casino’s goals and regional playing behaviour, Genius Sports planned a targeted programmatic display campaign. 

We leveraged our exclusive audience network and look-a-like models to prospect new users before serving them display ads across key inventory placements.

  • Genius’ audience access helped Wildz reach new high-value users.
  • An algorithmic pacing curve and custom bidding models purchased impressions at the right moments and for the best price.
  • All ads included built-in brand safety protocols.

Meanwhile, we also enabled Wildz Casino to retarget users that had interacted with its campaigns but not yet signed-up.

Final result

Wildz Casino continues to enjoy incredible growth across multiple territories with highly-efficient, year-round programmatic display campaigns.

  • 1000s of new players acquired
  • CPA targets beaten across every region
  • Above average FTD value

“Genius’ media buying service continues to deliver an incredible return on our ad spend. Their pacing algorithms, programmatic strategies and knowledge of the sector are simply the best we’ve seen.”

Patrik Lööf , Head of Programmatic, Rootz Gaming

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