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When live football returned after it was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Pringles together with its agency partners Carat and Presto saw an opportunity to engage sports audiences by winning share of voice on social media. 

It wanted to serve real-time creative to football fans in six different countries across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in a way that was extremely relevant to the UEFA Euro 2021 action.

Pringles’ brief: 

  • Help create dynamic video ads that link to live football, in six different languages 
  • Leverage the most exciting live game moments to promote its latest flavours 
  • Win share of voice among sports audiences across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram 


With Genius Creative, Presto designed and delivered dynamic video ads at scale, using contextual live sports data including live game scores and kick-off countdowns – thanks to an API integration between Genius and Carat. 

This ensured creative and messaging was highly-contextual and relevant to fans before, during and after every game. 

Meanwhile, via our platform, Presto also ensured every ad variation was served in the local language and triggered during key moments, such as at half-time and when a goal was scored.

Final result

Pringles drove impressive results across six markets, with its data-driven creative performing well on every metric. 

  • 1000+ dynamic video ads generated 
  • + 3.2% higher VTR on Twitter vs standard activity 
  • + 8% higher VTR with in-flight optimisation

“Using Genius, Pringles created fun, live sports-driven video ads which were relevant in each of its six key European markets, connecting with fans using real-time messaging during the biggest in-match moments.”

Erica Hungerford, Director of Dynamic Creative, Dentsu

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