Summit in Brasilia: Government, teams and entities come together for a cleaner sport

  • Ministry of Sport, Ministry of Finance and some of the main sports teams will join efforts to combat match-fixing and sports corruption in Brazil. 2nd Sports Integrity Summit will be held on May 11
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Some of Brazil’s top government and sports leaders will attend a high-profile event on sports integrity, hosted by the International Governance and Risk Institute – GovRisk and key partner Genius Sports. The 2nd Brazilian Sports Integrity Summit will take place on May 11, from 8:15 am to 5:30 pm, at the Superior Labor Court, in Brasília.

The event aims to discuss how to act in a timely and effective manner to identify and control the risks associated with match-fixing and corruption. Key stakeholders will discuss global best practices in sports betting regulation and share innovative technologies to more effectively protect Brazilian sport from betting-related corruption threats.

Among the participants are Juliana Picoli Agatte, Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Sport; José Francisco Manssur, Special Advisor to the Executive Secretariat and co-author of the text of Law 14,193/2021 – Law of Football Corporations – S.A.F; representatives of the Brazilian Ministry of Finance; and Roberto Armelin, Legal and Compliance Director of São Paulo Futebol Clube. Together, they will collaborate to find ways to protect Brazilian sport from gambling-related corruption.

José Manssur will be speaking on the potential impacts of regulating sports betting in Brazil: ‘’A regulated sports betting market will enhance transparency, information sharing and cooperation to better protect the integrity of Brazilian sports. I’m delighted to be speaking alongside other leading experts in the sports and betting ecosystem.

“As recent research indicates, Brazilian football is one of the most targeted sports in the world in terms of match-fixing, so it will take the collective efforts of all stakeholders including government, clubs, players, officials, law enforcement and the private sector to work together to better safeguard the integrity of Brazilian sport. Brazil needs a new approach to how it values the integrity of sport and tackles betting-related corruption. This summit is an important first step in that process. “

Roberto Armelin will be speaking on the ways we can protect sports and how this relates to a prioritisation of the right values: ‘‘Sport has the opportunity to play a fundamental role in building a society based on important values such as honesty, loyalty, empathy, cooperation, discipline, generosity and, above all, respect and equality.

“Sport provides the opportunity to foster positive social changes and reduce different forms of discrimination. As a society we must therefore do what we can to protect the integrity of sport, to ensure that its legacy has this positive impact in our communities. I look forward to coming together with leading representatives in this field at this Summit to talk of innovative ways of protecting Brazilian sports for future generations.’’

To see the complete agenda and register your presence, please click here.

With the Brazilian Ministry of Finance expected to publish its sports betting regulation within days, the summit will discuss the wider impacts of regulation in terms of taxation, licensing requirements and the detection, prevention and investigation of suspicious betting activities. International experts from regulated markets such as the UK, Italy, US and Australia will share their insights into the best practices gained from legalisation and regulation in these mature markets.

They will be joined by representatives from the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB), the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), the Attorney General’s Office (PGU), the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Interpol, Associação Brasileira de Integrida do Esporte (ABRADIE), Genius Sports, Rei do Pitaco, Entain, Liga Nacional de Basquete (LNB), Athletico Paranaense, São Paulo FC, The Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA), BNLData and representatives of Bichara & Motta and FYMSA law firms.

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