Genius Sports transforms Trail Blazer broadcasts with Second Spectrum player tracking technology

  • Genius Sports’ Second Spectrum technology delivering augmented broadcasts with computer vision-driven data insights for fans
  • Trail Blazers have launched suite of new features this season that utilize advanced analytics, upgraded broadcast graphics and player tracking data

Genius Sports Limited (“Genius Sports”) (NYSE:GENI) has clinched a new partnership with the Portland Trail Blazers to power immersive broadcasts through its Second Spectrum optical tracking technology.

This season, the Trail Blazers launched a ground-breaking suite of next-generation live viewing features that transform its home-market broadcasts on ROOT SPORTS, powered by rich data-driven insights that bring basketball fans even closer to the action.

Genius Sports’ Second Spectrum tracking technology provides an unparalleled machine understanding of every game, enriching real-time Trail Blazer broadcasts with insights such as what percentage a player shoots depending on where they are on the court. Trail Blazer fans are also provided with league-wide stat comparisons for everything from a player’s touches per game to their defensive impact.

By combining rich tracking data with live video in real-time, Genius Sports powers award-winning augmented broadcasts for CBS and ESPN on competitions including the NBA, NFL, March Madness and more. As the Official Tracking Provider for the NBA, Second Spectrum has worked closely in partnership with the Trail Blazers since 2018.

“Partnering with Genius Sports this season to expand our local broadcasts into the NextGen space has been a great success,” said Kevin Kinghorn, Portland Trail Blazers EVP & Chief Marketing Officer. “Second Spectrum’s unique player tracking data, paired with advanced analytics and our new Analytics Insider, Cory Jez, has enhanced the viewing experience for Rip City fans while creating a cutting-edge product within the industry.”

“By integrating rich tracking data with graphic overlays in the live broadcasts, the Trail Blazers are providing split-second game stats that revolutionize the viewing experience, breaking down play-by-play action into incredible new graphics that display on the court action,” said Jack Davison, Chief Commercial Officer of Genius Sports. “We’re thrilled to be playing such a pivotal role in powering the Trail Blazers next-generation broadcasts and defining a new era in fan viewing experiences.”



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