NFL+ viewing experience transformed through Genius Sports’ AI-powered data-driven technology

  • Genius Sports is the exclusive distributor of NFL Official League Data
  • NFL’s exclusive video streaming subscription service, NFL+, introduces Genius Sports’ AI-powered technology
  • New NFL+ Fantasy and NFL+ Vision modes feature new enhancements and innovations that bring fans closer to the game they love

Genius Sports Limited (“Genius Sports”) (NYSE:GENI) has expanded its partnership with the National Football League (“NFL”) to power NFL+, the NFL’s video streaming subscription service, with data-driven on-screen graphic overlays and visualizations that bring the live action to life in real time. These live stream enhancements draw fans into the game by presenting viewers with a unique opportunity to interact with split-second game developments and eye-popping metrics.

Available across devices in the United States, NFL+ provides fans with access to live local and primetime regular season and postseason games (phone and tablet only) as well as a live stream of NFL Network and NFL RedZone.

Starting this weekend, Genius Sports will provide two new customized viewing modes for every NFL+ game this season. These streams will utilize the NFL’s Next Gen Stats player-tracking data to display crucial fan insights including ball-carrier speed, yards after catch, closing speed, and time to throw—all in real-time. Genius Sports’ technology will enable fans with a passion for strategy and insights to dive more deeply into the game than ever before, personalizing their viewing experience by selecting between:

  • NFL+ Stats Stream featuring player names, player location, player speeds, and box score player stats.
  • NFL+ Vision Stream including ground-breaking open receiver identification and player trails as well as player names, player location and player speeds.

“NFL+ has quickly established itself as the ‘must-have’ video service for our fans and the addition of these new customized game-viewing modes brings even more value to the product,” said Gil Moran, Vice President of Business Strategy and Operations for NFL Media. “With the help of Genius Sports, we are able to deliver next generation viewing experiences to NFL+, providing fans the ability to see the game in different ways and bring them closer to the sport they love.”

“Powered by data, sports fan experiences are becoming more personalized and interactive than ever before, delivering a new era of fan engagement,” said Mark Locke, CEO of Genius Sports, “We’re thrilled to expand our partnership with the NFL, powering NFL+ with our Emmy winning, AI-driven technology that presents fans with an exciting opportunity to deepen their viewing experience of the live NFL action.”

NFL+ is available in the NFL App across devices in the United States and provides access to live local and primetime regular season and postseason games on phones and tablets, as well as local and national audio for every game, NFL Network, NFL Films’ archives and more. Fans can upgrade to NFL+ Premium and access all of the content and features of NFL+, as well as full and condensed game replays, the All-22 Coaches Films and NFL RedZone. For more information, visit