Genius Sports Exceeds Group Revenue & Adj. EBITDA Outlook in 2022 & Reaffirms Expectations for over 150% Adj. EBITDA Growth in 2023

  • Group Revenue of $341m and Group Adj. EBITDA of $16m in the year ended December 31, 2022, exceeding guidance of $340m and $15m, respectively
  • 2022 Group Revenue growth of 41% at constant currency ($361m at guidance exchange rateguidance of $340m)
  • 2022 Group Net loss of $182m and Group Adj. EBITDA of $16m ($19m at guidance exchange rate1, exceeding guidance by 29%)
  • S. revenue more than doubled year-on-year, driven by continued market liberalization, growth of in-play GGR (60% increase year-on-year), and expanded customer relationships
  • 2023 Group Revenue outlook of $391m and Group Adj. EBITDA outlook of $41m, each in-line with consensus estimates and reflective of today’s foreign exchange rates
  • The Company expects to generate positive free-cash-flow in the second half of 2023

Genius Sports Limited (NYSE:GENI) (“Genius Sports” or the “Group”), the official data, technology and broadcast partner that powers the global ecosystem connecting sports, betting and media, today announced financial results for its fiscal fourth quarter and full year ended December 31, 2022.

“Our 2022 results demonstrate our commitment to executing the financial and strategic plan we outlined in our Investor Day at the start of 2022, and we have successfully delivered on our forecast each quarter,” said Mark Locke, Genius Sports Co-Founder and CEO. “We remain relentlessly focused on balancing investment in our highest growth initiatives, while still demonstrating the unique operating leverage of our business model. Following our consistent execution in 2022 and the maturation of our technology investments, the stage is now set for 2023 to capture the immense opportunity ahead of us, afforded by the global competitive position we have built to-date.”

Nick Taylor, Genius Sports CFO, added, “Our expectation of nearly tripling our Group Adj. EBITDA and generating free-cash-flow in the second half of 2023 is the direct result of a cost base that does not need to grow in-line with revenues moving forward. With $159m of total cash on our balance sheet, zero debt financing, and our legacy warrants now removed, our shareholders are well positioned to capture the benefits of profitability and cash flow acceleration.”

$ in thousands Q422 Q421 % Constant currency %
Group Revenue 105,339 84,012 25.4% 36.1%
     Betting Technology, Content & Services 65,543 53,929 21.5% 34.6%
     Media Technology, Content & Services 25,639 17,051 50.4% 58.1%
     Sports Technology & Services 14,157 13,032 8.6% 13.7%
Group Net loss (127,716) (53,290) (139.7%) (133.2%)
Group Net loss Margin nm nm nm nm
Group Adjusted EBITDA 2,661 (12,507) 121.3% 120.1%
Group Adjusted EBITDA Margin 2.5% nm nm nm


$ in thousands FY 2022 FY 2021 % Constant currency %
Group Revenue 341,029 262,735 29.8% 40.7%
     Betting Technology, Content & Services 209,251 177,201 18.1% 29.8%
     Media Technology, Content & Services 82,698 48,312 71.2% 80.5%
     Sports Technology & Services 49,080 37,222 31.9% 38.8%
Group Net loss (181,636) (592,753) 69.4% 69.2%
Group Net loss Margin nm nm nm nm
Group Adjusted EBITDA 15,788 1,550 918.6% 767.8%
Group Adjusted EBITDA Margin 4.6% 0.6% 4.0% 5.6%

 nm = not meaningful

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