Tipsport grows in-play product with live streams

Team talk

Czech Republic’s biggest sportsbook, Tipsport, saw an opportunity to differentiate by streaming key local leagues – recognising the clear engagement uplift that video delivers across sports media and entertainment.

By giving sports fans the in-play content they love, the operator sensed it could acquire new players and deepen its experience while smoothing out turnover fluctuations between peak and off-peak times.

Tipsport chose Genius Sports’ Streaming to:

  • Allow players to watch popular Czech leagues onsite and in-app
  • Differentiate with new and unique live video content
  • Unlock more turnover at quiet hours with a strengthened 24/7 offering


We gave Tipsport access to thousands of official live streams to add to its offering – including many previously unavailable for Czech players to bet on and watch.

As well as the immediate turnover and revenue benefits, this live content has helped Tipsport acquire new players with a complete betting experience for their favourite sports.

In total, Tipsport enables its audience to watch over 10 different sports via Genius, covering all times of day. Official data-powered LiveTrading ensures fast, accurate price updates and high market-uptimes – so delays between odds and footage is not an issue.

Final result

Video is central to the modern sports experience. With Streaming, Tipsport continues to drive engagement with a unique and localised product.

  • 130% increase in in-play event turnover with a Genius stream
  • 100% increase in volume of off-peak events offered per week
  • 10,000+ new events streamed in the Czech market last year

Now, leagues ranging from Czech volleyball to the American Hockey League and numerous soccer competitions around-the-world – all popular in the market – are streamed on Tipsport’s website and app.

“The Genius Streaming service has added a unique dimension to our product, differentiating our brand and driving new player acquisition and in-play action.”

Jan Čumpelík, Chief Marketing Officer

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