Oreo proves the value of personalised dynamic creative

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A major global snack brand, Oreo wanted to run a tailored social media advertising campaign across multiple regions, engaging with potential buyers in the right language with localized messaging.

Together with its agency Performics, Oreo put a clear focus on creating personalized dynamic creative ads with the aim of increasing brand awareness and sales.

Oreo’s brief:

  • Grow awareness and sales by targeting new audiences
  • Localize messaging and creative for each target market
  • Distribute ads across social media at highly-relevant times
Clippers live games by Genius - Word tactics


Via our creative performance platform, Oreo built and customized dynamic social video templates in its branding, automating the creation of highly-relevant and localized variations in different languages.

We helped the brand distribute these videos at scale, targeting key audiences including gamers, fashionistas and pop culture lovers across multiple markets using live data and contextual triggers.

Multi-variant testing helped Oreo optimize effectiveness while our intelligent decision marketing matrix ensured the right ads were always served to the right potential buyer.

Final Result

Oreo successfully connected with new audiences, achieving incredible engagement rates on its personalized videos.

  • 165x increase in CTR for shoppable ads
  • 60% higher VTR compared to Mondelez benchmarks and the performance of broad audience ads
  • 46% higher ranking than benchmark for ad recall in a Facebook Brand Lift study

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