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Portable and Wi-Fi compatible, ScoreLink+ takes data from any scoreboard to power outputs like TV & Scoreboard graphics, in-venue displays and website widgets.


Automate your live game clock with a robust, proven solution that captures and distributes your official scoreboard data, synced in real-time and conveniently 24/7.


Visualise your live scoreboard data with custom graphic overlays to suit your productions. Travel between venues with ease as ScoreApp gives you backup options for delivering data. 

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With built-in Wi-Fi and an LED status display panel, ScoreLink+ is the perfect solution for on-the-go productions. It connects to any scoreboard type and has cloud or local network connectivity – making your data instantly available any way you need it.

ScoreLink+ has numerous built-in connection options, including the ability to switch between 200+ scoreboard types on the fly.

Simplify production

Automatically send the data in real-time to your video production.

Make your data accessible

Live scoreboard data that is instantly available in a variety of formats, like XML, JSON and more.

Power third-party tools

Connect ScoreLink and ScoreLink+ with external apps. For over a decade, our experts have helped users get what they need from their data.


ScoreLink is the standard for receiving real-time scoreboard data. Pre-programmed to your specific scoreboard type and automatically connected to the cloud – data is synced in real-time, 24/7.

ScoreLink is used in over 11,000 venues worldwide and integrated with NCAA LiveStats for Football, Basketball & Ice Hockey. 


Create custom graphic overlays featuring real-time scoreboard data with ScoreDesigner, part of SportzSuite.

Simple yet powerful features streamline the graphic or broadcast design process, making it quicker and easier to create graphic overlays.


When a traditional scoreboard or connection is unavailable, ScoreApp turn any web-connected device into a manual scorebot.

Perfect for travelling on the road to venues without scoreboard connectivity, ScoreApp sends manual game data to the cloud to be recorded as official scoreboard data.

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Make the most of your data

Collect, manage and analyse. Whether that’s tracking a player’s game or syncing with scoreboards.

Perform to your best

Give your teams, coaches and players insights they can take onto
the pitch.

Protect your integrity

Safeguard your sport from match-fixing and betting-related

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