A new way
of seeing sports

Attract new viewers and keep them around by transforming your broadcast, stream or highlights. 

Immersive viewing

Real-time augmentation technology is transforming how fans are experiencing live sport. Discover how Genius Sports can take your coverage to the next level. 

Fresh ways to engage existing and entirely new audience cohorts

Engage viewers for longer with more immersive broadcasts, streams and highlights

Give producers and analysts the most advanced tactical analysis tools

Tell engaging stories with data

Help fans understand tactics and performance on a deeper level. Add augmented insights, graphical analysis and stats that bring to life unfolding storylines in the game. In real-time. Automatically.  

Customise each broadcast

Create multiple versions of the same broadcaster with different views and augmentation based on fan preference. Use cases include fantasy mode or betting mode.​ 

Faster and better analysis

Give producers, editors and analysts the ability to tell unique stories and find relevant video – faster and easier than ever. 

  • Find plays within seconds  
  • Access years of game footage  
  • Extensive search capabilities 

Video insights

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