Umpire/Referee Solutions

Make the right calls

Equip your match officials with cutting-edge scoring and video review solutions, ensuring your in-game decisions and results are as accurate as possible.

Used by some of the largest organisations in world volleyball including CEV and FIVB, our solutions provide your fans with fair and honest competition.

Modernise and enhance your competitions

  • Take the scoresheet digital

Use intuitive digital software which works to international standards, allowing you to dispose of any paperwork.

  • Ensure fair decisions

Review key faults and fouls anywhere on the court or pitch using our VideoCheck software and up to 19 high-speed cameras.

  • Involve the fans

Show live decision referrals and replays on scoreboards and TV so your fans are always involved and engaged.

Let’s break it down for you

E-Scoresheet key features

  • Capture your live scores, points, substitutions and much more.
  • Tried and tested across over 8,000 volleyball matches every year.

VideoCheck key features

  • 19 courtside cameras recording at 180 frames per second.
  • Detects all actions, infringements and faults including Ball in/out and Net Touches.
  • Clear and intuitive interface that assists operators at courtside.
  • Integrated with in-stadia screens and TV broadcast.
Fabrizio Rossini
Vice Director, Lega Pallavolo

“From the beginning, we were focused on creating a simple machine, which could be operated by a referee without proof informatics or video knowledge. It had to be affordable, easily transported and with a simple broadcast interface to show the real output of the cameras both to TV spectators and the live audience.

“The final result (VideoCheck) is a masterpiece of technology for the sport.”

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