Build foundations for long-term protection


When tackling match-fixing, education is vital for provoking understanding and driving long-term change.

Show your players, officials and other stakeholders the rules you have put in place, how they should act in different scenarios and the consequences they can face through our expert workshops and advanced e-Learning module.

The benefits of education

Understand the match-fixer

Educate your players, coaches and officials on the organisations behind match-fixing and how they should respond if approached.

Lead by example

Empower players at all levels of your sport to stand up to match-fixing, providing them with the tools and knowledge to challenge and report any incidents.

Monitor completion rates

Assess and keep a detailed record of who’s completed your bespoke education programme using our e-Learning service.

Services include:

  • Customised education programmes tailored to your size, level of risk and resources.
  • Multi-language capabilities for e-Learning to reach your entire network.
  • Interactive e-Learning content including infographics, video and narration and testing structures.
  • In-depth workshops delivered by some of the leading voices in global sports integrity.
  • Bespoke reporting structures, allowing you to monitor completion, results and any problem areas.
Quotation mark

Genius Sports’ educational services are fundamental in helping our members understand the measures we have implemented and the possible consequences they can face.

Andy Levinson

Senior VP, Tournament Administration, PGA TOUR