Monitor global betting

Bet Monitoring System

To protect your competitions from match-fixing, you need visibility over global betting patterns. We cross-reference global betting data with predictive algorithms to alert you to any potentially suspicious activity.

Used by the English Premier League and the PGA TOUR, our system is vital to protecting the future of sport.

The benefits of bet monitoring

Protect your competitions 24/7

Our system monitors reviews billions of data points from betting markets around the world—so your competitions are safeguarded night and day.

Understand global betting on your sport

We compile and deliver detailed reports that highlight and clearly explain significant odds movements, grading the potential threat level to your sport. So you know exactly what needs attention.

We send reports within 48 hours.
Red grade alerts are sent immediately.


Monitor all betting markets

Identify irregular betting activity

Raise alerts and investigate issues

Analyse and cross-check with 3rd parties

Grade the risk to your sport

Send you alerts, analysis, and detailed reports

Launch in-depth investigations

Use our monitoring reports as a basis for launching effective investigations into individual players, officials, games or competitions.

Monitor global betting with:

Insight into odds movements from all major markets, including key Asian bookmakers—so you get the full picture.

A historic database of information which provides key records on your teams, players and competitions.

Bespoke reports, including immediate alerts and monthly summaries.

Information from our relationships with bookmakers, regulators and national integrity units worldwide. 

Our predictive algorithms, which show what the odds should look like at each stage.

Expert knowledge and analysis of factors that can trigger sudden odds changes (e.g. injuries or weather changes).

We have worked closely alongside Genius Sports since 2014 and they continue to deliver a first-rate service, combining years of experience in sports integrity with robust technology that monitors and analyses thousands of betting markets every day.
General Manager, Football DataCo

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