Unlock your data’s value

Extend the reach of your official data and unlock its true value. Our global distribution network includes media, television, advertising and regulated betting partners. That allows us to help you drive revenue and attract new fans for your sport.

Whether you’re after live streaming, data feeds or visualisations, we’re a truly global partner.

Make your data go further

  • Give back to the game

Drive new revenue using your official data, then reinvest the funds back into your sport.

  • Take the game global

Attract new fans using our global media and betting distribution networks.

  • Protect your asset

Safeguard the value of your official data by preventing unofficial collection and usage.

Let’s break it down for you

  • A global network of over 6,000 highly trained, fully accredited statisticians
  • Official data partnerships with some of the largest leagues in world sport
  • Courtside collection to commercialisation in a split-second
  • Advanced statistics easily integrated with your television and streaming partners
  • Global network of hundreds of media and regulated betting partners
  • Specialist scout spotting and other services to prevent courtsiding and protect your official data
Alex Sanchez
3x3 Managing Director, FIBA

“Today, 3x3 is a bonsai, as we're two years away from our first Olympics—but we have the potential to become a sequoia by 2028. Partners like Genius Sports will help us in this quest. We’re grateful for their advice over the years, a recent example being their feedback while we develop a specific suite of stats for 3x3 that will launch in 2018.”

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