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Sky Bet (Flutter) become UK's go-to sportsbook

Team talk

For Sky Bet, differentiation is crucial. It’s been key on its rise to becoming one of the UK’s largest online sportsbooks.

With football the UK’s most popular sport, Sky Bet strives to offer its players a best-in-class live football product on major global leagues.

But this requires a trading supplier capable of providing high-quality yet tailored in-play content that suits its strategy.

Sky Bet’s aims:

  • Create an immersive and differentiated in-play football product
  • Maximise live betting turnover and margins across all competitions
  • Keep players onsite and placing bets at peak times, such as Saturday 3pm


With our LiveData and LiveTrading services, Sky Bet leverages raw official data feeds, outsourced pricing and a bespoke high-availability cash out feature.

Via the Genius Trading Console, it retains full control of its strategy, customising content offering, margins and odds ladders.

For thousands of fixtures, we enable Sky Bet to power the UK’s fastest and richest in-play offering with high market-uptimes and a substantial market-range.

This includes competitions such as English Premier League and the English Football League – which Sky Bet sponsors.

Our trading team, and Sky Bet’s, work in close partnership to maximise margins, including on a Saturday afternoon –peak time for UK football betting.

Final result

Sky Bet is now the go-to brand for live football betting in the UK.

  • Leading market uptimes on in-play football
  • An award-winning user experience
  • Consistent growth in revenues and size of player base

“"We've worked with Genius Sports for over 10 years and they have been a huge part of how we've created a distinct proposition. The trading team consistently delivers strong margins while providing our customers with engaging content."”

 Andy Wright, Ex-Trading Director, Sky Betting & Gaming

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