How to build data-driven campaigns that fans love

How do you win with sports fans?

Whether you're a global brand or an up-and-coming disrupter, as a marketer you've probably considered how you can tap into one of the world's most valuable audiences: sports fans.

Sports is a notoriously tough world to stand out in. Leagues, teams, media and even players themselves are fighting it out for the attention of fans, every second of the day. But the prize of doing it right is massive - there are over 200 million sports fans in the U.S. alone.

More context, smarter results

Luckily for brands, sports marketing is no longer just about major sponsorships or physical brand activations.

Today’s fan demands a much more digital and immersive experience. Marketers are tasked with the tough job of bringing real-time action to life in new and innovative ways across an increasingly fragmented ecosystem of digital channels and formats.

With the right tools, brands can create unmissable moments along today’s fan journey from emotional trigger to purchase intent and loyalty.

In this Intelligence series, we take a deep dive into each element of building a great campaign. From creative that grabs attention, through to smarter distribution at scale - learn everything you need to know below.